World's first smart music player for kids

A safer and better way for your kids to enjoy music. No ads, no screens.

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Meet Jooki

A portable WiFi speaker for kids, designed to share the magic of music with the entire family, including the youngest ones.

Your kid's first smart audio speaker

The speaker

Jooki is designed to allow kids to enjoy music and stories without a screen in sight. 

The characters

The characters allow kids to decide what music they want to play. Each character is linked to a playlist (song, story, album or internet radio station). Place one character on top of Jooki and let the music start.

The parents app

The app allows the parents to control the type of content their kids are exposed to. They are in total control of the volume; they also decide when Jooki can be turned on and when it has to be off. The app is used to upload content, create playlists and link playlists to characters.

Jooki set with 5 characters



The music player and its characters are designed for kids aged 3 and more. Totally controlled by the parents with the app (mobile or web).

Inside a single box:
1x Jooki, 5x Characters
1x USB charging cable


Redefine playing music

Watch the story


Offline mode

The content is stored on the player's internal storage. Jooki will also work without a WiFi connection.


Turn the WiFi on and listen to your favourite music, stories and web radios.

* commercial streaming services
(e.g. Spotify) not yet supported

Parental controls

In the app, parents can set up the maximum volume for Jooki. 

Battery life

The player can be used during 8 hours on a full charge

Airplane mode

You can still enjoy your Jooki when travelling, so you can take it everywhere you go.


Jooki is splash proof. So don't worry if you accidentally dropped a glass of water on it. 

Easy to setup

Create your playlist

You can create the playlists from your own personal library (phone or computer), simply drag and drop from iTunes or use streaming services. Your content can be any audio file you like.

Link it to a character

Put a character on the player to link to a playlist of your choice. You can switch the characters at any time.

Enjoy the music

You are all set !

What our backers say about Jooki

430 people helped fund this project on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

I'm super excited about the Jooki! Our 3 year old loves music but most of it comes from our phones and keeping him off the screen has been an issue... This will definitely be a winner in our family! Can't wait for it to ship! 

Love the idea that the kids can take this into another room but i can still use the streaming facility to help them (from my own hiding place!) and there are no wires to tie any of us down!

Looking forward to see my daughter dancing or listening to stories without looking to a screen!

The design looks very accessible for my 3-year old. I guess she will be able to manage the Jooki herself: what more can a 3 year old child wish than do everything independently ;-) 
I believe music is essential in children's development, Jooki will help to reach music in an easy and playfull way. Looking forward to it!

This is the product I have been looking for. The parental controls look really well designed and the rematerialisation of music is a great idea.