Music & Story Player for a Screen-free Childhood

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The right way to listen to music & stories

With quality technology on the inside, Jooki is sturdy and splash-proof on the outside.
Jooki is portable and can be used online & offline.
Its five figurines trigger playlists from Spotify or local mp3 content.

  • Magical ToyTouch® Technology

    When one of the figurines touch Jooki, your kids’ chosen playlist starts to play. 
    It’s magic at their fingertips!

    Magical ToyTouch Technology
  • You choose the content, we deliver the fun!

    With a Spotify account, there are more than 50 million options between stories, songs and podcasts to choose from. Link as many as you wish to one single figurine!
    Not enough? You can also upload audio files (from your personal library) to Jooki (MP3s & other formats supported).

    You choose the content, we deliver the fun
  • Online & offline, Jooki works everywhere

    Jooki is a wifi speaker, it streams directly from Spotify.
    When the set-up is complete, no phone is needed and kids are free to control their fun screen-free.
    With local content (MP3s, etc.), Jooki can be used offline, anywhere you want: at the beach, at the park, in the car…

  • Millions of stories and music at your fingertips

    Looking for Baby Shark, or rather want to replace it with Frozen II? Spotify on Jooki offers both stories and music for kids. You program the figurines in the blink of an eye. With the help of Spotify (Premium or Free) or Deezer Premium, your kids can independently stream directly from Jooki, no smartphone required - ever!

  • We help you choose the music and stories

    Don’t know what story or music to pick for your child?
    Our app shows Spotify kids playlists that you can immediately link to the Jooki characters. Just go to add playlist and click on "Suggested playlists'. Of course you can explore and link to the entire Spotify or Deezer catalogue.

  • Three steps to link any Spotify playlist on Jooki

    1. Fire-up the Spotify App on your phone and play a playlist.
    2. In Connect to a Device choose Jooki.
    3. Open the Jooki app and pick a character.

For the mind and hands

The screen-free entertainment you were searching, 
for precious moments of learning, creativity, and fun.

For the mind and hands

Independent play

Jooki doesn’t require adult interaction! Your kids are free to immerse into their own world.

Independent play

Sit down and relax, your kids are throwing a party!

Once the playlists are linked to the figurines, your job is done.
Time to let your kids dance and sing along to their favorite songs.

Sit down and relax, your kids are throwing a party!

Oh, don't make us blush!

“I love that Jooki allows my kids to finally play their own music when they want to without our help. I also love that you can maximize the volume to protect their hearing. My 3yo instinctively knew how it worked and she knows which figurine is linked to which music. It's great! It's so great, that we even use it to play our own "grownup" music ”

"Jooki is amazing! The build quality is robust, perfect for kids with no worry it will be broken. The design is well thought out and executed. The interface is very user-friendly for the parents to control the playlists, tokens and characters. The biggest problem you will have is the kids trying to decide what to listen to!"

"The Jooki is a great device. It has good sound quality, is easy to setup and control, is very intuitive in use (our 2 yr old immediately knew what she had to do with the stars), is robust (read: child-proof), and can be used everywhere.

Our kids (2yr and 5 yr) use it very intensively, to sing, to dance, to go and listen to a story in a cosy corner, or just to listen to some music. And we, we use it just as intensively after bed time (to stream web radios, or to easily playback our old cd-collection)."

“Such a good idea, I wanted my son to be able to listen to music but he can’t be trusted not to break a CD (he’s grown up enough that he wants to ‘do it himself’) and I didn’t want him to be in front a screen wen choosing the music so Jooki is just perfect!! He listens to bedtime stories on it which has made bedtime so much easier!”

“It was the kind of present you search for a very long time. Since it got unwrapped by our son it runs almost in every situation. It has not lost any attraction over the time because it can be the focused toy or keeps running some songs in the background while playing with other toys. And at the evening always some stories and adventures are running until he falls asleep. It's pretty easy for kids to handle. Just make sure you take the few setup steps before Jooki gets unpacked and you will experience a great device and happy kids.”

It sounds like music to our ears

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