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Jooki 1st Generation | Best Music Player for Kids

Jooki 1st Generation | Best Music Player for Kids

Jooki 1st Generation | Best Music Player for Kids



In the box

1x Jooki
5x Figurines 
1x USB charging cable
1x Memory Card (4GB)

What Makes Jooki the Best Music & Story Player for Kids?

• Jooki comes with an easy-to-use app (which you can access via a smartphone or a computer). This app allows you to create playlists and sync them with the Jooki figurines.

• The Jooki itself is intuitive and easy to use. Simply place the Jooki character onto the center of the Jooki to play the song or story of your choice.

• Listen to any type of music! You can stream your favorite music from Spotify or listen to more than 1,000 radio stations online. Jooki also allows you to copy your music from old CDs, podcasts, and audiobooks.

• Jooki is portable and strong — which makes it an ideal device for accident-prone kids!  It has a solid strap to carry it, so your child can transport it around the home, to the car, to his grandparents’ house or even to the beach As a splashproof device, it can be used in the bathroom and outdoors.

• We all want to encourage our kids’ independence. Still, boundaries are also important — which is why the Jooki app also offers parental controls, such as the ability to turn off Jooki remotely at bedtime.

• Jooki is a refreshing screen-free alternative to other music players. Keep your kids away from their phones and use the Jooki to enjoy quality family time together, whether you’re dancing to a favorite song or enjoying a bedtime story.

• Kids have sensitive ears, and impeccable hearing, so sound control is a high priority for Jooki. Jooki features high-quality sound to ensure it will last for years on end.

Jooki Music Device Features at a Glance:

• WiFi connectivity
• Spotify Connect
• The app is compatible with IOS from 9.0, Android from 4.4, MAC and PC
• Eight hours’ battery life