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The Jooki family: Will, Theo, and Pieter with their kids.

Muuselabs is a family tech and media IoT company founded in 2015 by three geek dads and former Google, Huawei and Barco employees.

Once upon a time...

(more specifically in September 2013)

a dad named Theo embarked on a quest to build the best music player for his kids. He felt music was a key ingredient in the life of his kids, but was getting frustrated with DJ'ing all the time. All his music was online and was out of reach for the kids as he didn't want to hand over his smartphone.

Theo teamed up with his friends Will and Pieter and after some serious labor a new child by the name of Jooki was born. In summer 2016 they presented their baby to the world through Kickstarter. Following a successful campaign the adventure continued when they went on building a lot more Jooki, a story worth telling on it's own...

Fast forward to November 2017, the shipping to the backers starts... just in time for Christmas. A few months later the long-awaited Spotify integration is announced and now Jooki is there for all parents to offer their kids their take on a billion songs...


Will Moffat cofounder Jooki Muuselabs“I love sharing experiences with my son, but I never felt comfortable letting him use my phone. So when Theo suggested starting a company to create the Jooki I jumped at the chance. I’ve already been through the startup experience in San Francisco and after a fun stint at Google I was ready to dive back in.” - Will

Theo Marescaux cofounder Jooki Muuselabs“I got the idea for the Jooki when I had to take my phone out for the fifth time to play the same song over again for my 3yr old daughter. At home all our music is digital and our kids lost the ability to independently explore music and stories. When I was their age just I could just put a CD or cassette on. That freedom and charm of physical interaction with media has largely disappeared." Theo

Pieter Palmer cofounder Jooki Muuselabs"When I saw the first Jooki prototype, I knew that this is not only a fun project for a maker, but it’s also a great answer to a personal need. At home we speak Dutch and I want my daughters to listen to stories and music in our language. That content exists, but it’s not easy to find and actually quite expensive. We’re on a mission to help parents to easily access their traditional treasures.” - Pieter


Meet the team

Theodore Marescaux
Will Moffat
Pieter Palmers
Michael Ghysels
Customer Service Director
Jean-Marc Salsa
Business Development Director
Mona Marchetti
Software Developer